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Gold Leaf Abstraction

The glistening gold and silver accents add an ethereal touch to this series of work. Applying gold or silver leaf allows me to accentuate color and form while adding luminous details. The ornamentation of the metal leaf gives movement and symbolic definition to the title of each painting. By sporadically using fragments of gold and silver leaf, my paintings acquire an intense shimmer and focal point.

This body of work encompasses the meaning of distinguishing oneself. The title of each painting implies the vision for making a mark in life. More importantly, the application of the metal leaf stands out attracting attention symbolizing inner beauty. It is that inner beauty that can sometimes be hidden that once revealed creates a distinguishing mark. After one makes an everlasting impression, he or she leaves a unique mark behind that greatly impacts society. For example, similar to how someone projects themselves and their inner qualities to the world, the shimmer of the metal leaf is the quality that was left behind, impacting the painting in a beautiful way. One should never fear to stand out above the crowd because the greatest risk one will ever take is by stand in the light and be seen as he or she is.

Golden Opportunity.JPG


Make Your Mark


Leaving Your Mark

Sparks Fly.JPG
Silver Bullet.JPG




The Proud Stand

The Energy of Silver.JPG


Mad Silver

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