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My name is Katie Ryan. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. In 2016, I graduated from Bradley University with a major in Studio Art – Painting. I completed my Masters of Counseling: Art Therapy at Adler University of Chicago, IL, in 2019. Pursuing a career in Art Therapy, however, did not stop me from painting. On the contrary, my love for painting has given me the opportunity to work with children who have an array of disabilities or disorders. I am able to help children channel their most inner unconscious and conscious emotions into their art. It is a rewarding experience to see the children create and feel a special connection to their art in response to their real-life traumas. My hope is to inspire clients, and the world with the healing power of art and creativity; and the comfort it can provide them in times of need just like it has always done for me.


My pursuit of Art Therapy was inspired by my passion for painting. It is so satisfying to see your thoughts, visions, and ideas inside your mind come to life. My art is what I describe as “Atmospheric Impressions,” which is similar to Abstract Expressionism, by way of using a variety of colors and textures in creating depth to attract the eye and convey feelings to the viewer such as happiness, warmth, energy, and mystery. My body of work is composed of abstract landscapes and atmospheric spaces. I love when a painting keeps the viewer guessing, allowing the viewer to uncover new details in the painting or a significant meaning.


Hope you enjoy.

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